About the Art

Artistic Process

My art starts with my unique abstract paintings. These are scanned into my computer, then combined with my own original abstract photography. Using Adobe Photoshop, the essential tool for digital artists, my painting and photography are combined into a symmetrical work of art.

My digital paintings are psychedelic mandalas which have an effect which is both visually exciting and simultaneously meditative. A ‘mandala’ is a symmetrical work of art usually associated with Buddhism. The artwork has a great amount of small details allowing the viewer to find an almost infinite number of small compositions within the overall composition.

Because my art has a ‘Rorschach Ink Blot Test’ feel in which everyone who looks at it will see different images, such as faces and other familiar shapes. The titles of my digital paintings are deliberately nondescriptive because I don’t want to influence what the viewer sees by putting my own interpretation on it.

Artist’s Biography

For many years I have made my career as an art director, graphic designer and illustrator in Southern California. My experience as a creative professional has given me the knowledge of composition and the artistic skill to create my digital art. It is very rewarding to combine the abilities I have developed in abstract painting, abstract nature photography and digital imaging and bring them all together to satisfy my desire to create complex, highly detailed and boldly colored works of non-representational art. My work is created for those who appreciate contemporary abstract art.

Copyright Usage

My artwork may be posted on a blog if I am given credit with a link to this website, any other use is prohibited without written permission.