Meditation Animation DVD

Meditation Animation Photo

Meditation Animation is a psychedelic and symmetrical animated work of art. This DVD is an animated painting which continually morphs into different organic patterns with brilliant colors.

When sitting in front of your TV screen or computer monitor it provides an interesting and effective aid to meditation. It visually holds the viewers attention which reduces external visual distraction, and the symmetry of the art helps to keep one centered. There are no words or symbols to plant distracting thoughts which could interrupt the meditating viewer’s concentration.

It plays continuously and seamlessly until you turn it off, so there is no need to restart. It can be played at a calm, slower pace or at a more exciting fast pace.

This DVD can also be used as a creative and unique backdrop during parties or get togethers. It turns your TV into an electronic painting. Meditation Animation is an animated mandala which has an effect which is both visually exciting and simultaneously meditative. A “Mandala” is a symmetrical work of art usually associated with Buddhism. The art also has a “Rorschach Inkblot Test” quality in which everyone who looks at it will see different images within the art.

The animation on this DVD was created by using 100 of my original digital paintings. The digital paintings begin with my unique mixed media abstract paintings. These are scanned into a computer, then combined with my original abstract photography. Using Adobe Photoshop, the essential tool for digital artists, the painting and photography are combined into a symmetrical work of art. The paintings were then intertwined into one continuous animated work of video art. There is also a Slide Show with 80 of the original digital paintings included on this DVD.


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